Europeana Archaeology Vocabulary Service

Supervising and supporting the workflow in a project is an important activity.
In the frame of Europeana Archaeology project has been developed the Europeana Archaeology Vocabulary Service.

This service allows to enrich the metadata provided by organisations and aggregators to Europeana regarding the digital archaeological and architectural heritage.
The service, available for use by registered users Europeana Archaeology Vocabulary tool, enables to:

  • Upload of EDM datasets
  • Extraction of subjects, place names and periods from EDM datasets
  • Creation of vocabulary mappings
  • Import of existing vocabulary mappings
  • Enrichment of EDM datasets using vocabulary mappings
  • Export of enriched EDM datasets and vocabulary mappings

It is also available a five-minute video realised by Kate Fernie – Carare that introduce the Vocabulary Service and explains how:

  • To upload a dataset
  • To create a mapping
  • To enrich the dataset

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